IRON CITY MICRO DISPLAY (ICMD) is a technology firm devoted to developing techniques that allow the application of MEMS technology.  Current areas of focus include using MEMS to enable the next generation of display devices.


MICRO-ELECTRO-MECHANICAL SYSTEMS (MEMS)  is the technology of very small mechanical devices being driven by electricity.  MEMS devices generally range in size from 20 micrometers to a millimeter and consist of a central unit (microprocessor) that processes data paired with one or several microsensors. MEMS are also referred to as MicroMachines (Japan) or Micro-Systems Technology (Europe).


PICO-PROJECTOR   Micro sized projectors small enough to fit onto a smartphone and having sufficient brightness and resolution to project movies in a lit room.

VIEW FINDER  View finders with high-resolution images and smooth movement in a very small form factor. This application will benefit camera enthusiasts as well as pilots flying under goggles. 

DISPLAY GOGGLES   Display Goggles made with a full field of view and crisp images that will reduce the constricting feeling of 'peering into a small display.'  Visual display experts agree that the eye begins to perceive a 3-D sensation when the moving picture attains a certain threshold of resolution, gradient, and crispness. ICMD's technology will cross that threshold and deliver on the ‘goggle promise.’


DESIGN  ICMD's technology designs center around its unique manufacturing techniques and are based on patents filed in the 1950’s and expired in the 1970’s. 

UNIQUE DEVICE FABRICATION TECHNIQUES   Manufacturing of ICMD products integrates techiques used typically for the fabrication of semiconductors. The techniques utilize Chemical Vapor Deposition, Patterning, and Lithography to build layers and carve shapes out of silicon-based materials.

SUPPORTING TECHNOLOGY  Data processing for the current technology is developed in conjunction with academic and sovereign institutions in Shanghai and Singapore. Processing will provide application of the MEMS technology to display devices. 


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